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The commercial thoroughbred market is complex to say the least. James and Chance offer a personalized service developing a relationship built on trust and confidence. Whether it is evaluating a newly born foal, planning a mating to maximize the sale of your mare, insurance needs, and everything in between, we offer our services with your best interest at the forefront of our decision making.


Where did it all start

My name is James Keogh, I started Grovendale Sales in 1995 after many years in Central Kentucky working with renowned horseman like John Gaines, Joe Taylor, among others. What started as a means to facilitate the sale of my own bloodstock investments, has grown to providing a service for others. I like to believe that much of this growth is due to remaining firm in our core values of integrity, transparency, sound advice, and hard work.

Year after year Grovendale has grown in both quantity and quality, but my goal has never been to be one of the largest consignors. Rather to maintain manageable numbers of horses in the consignment to ensure the quality control that is so important to me. The market is always changing but one thing that remains is the brief window of opportunity to make an impression on a prospective buyer. That opportunity is crucial, which is why, at Grovendale, we strive to make every impression the best it can be. 

As Grovendale continues to progress, our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. One of the most satisfactory aspects of the sales process is being a small part of the success of people you genuinely want to see do well in the industry. We're all aware of the perils of this game, so when the successes do come, it's overwhelmingly satisfying to do that with people you have a strong relationship with. 

James resides in Versailles Kentucky with his wife Anne and daughter Georgia. James is an avid equestrian and enjoys fox hunting and pleasure riding. You can often see him riding the road on the renowned Pisgah Pike so look out! 

“Everyone says this is a horse business, but really it's a people business, very much so. It's about how you treat people–on both sides, your clients and your customers. There's an awful lot of talk nowadays about honesty, but I feel very fortunate in the people who have recognized, over many years, that I've always approached the industry in a very personal, very honest way." - James B. Keogh

Chance Timm (Right) and members of the Here We Go Stable 

Where it's going...

My name is Chance Timm, I'm orginally from Salt Lake City Utah and grew up around Quarter horses. When I came to Kentucky in 2007 I knew that Kentucky would now be my home, and I've been here ever since. During that time I've been fortunate enough to graduate from the Godolphin Flying Start program, and work for top organizations including Lane's End, WinStar and Don Alberto. James and I have been friends and partners on horses for much of that time so this next chapter has some familiarity to it already. 

I have always enjoyed the sales environment. The process leading up to and the final piecing of the puzzle to determine who's on the horse and what can it bring? I thrive on putting it all together, the little pieces of information or observation that can make a difference. James and I are committed to maintaining a boutique consignment so we're able to provide that level of service to our clients. Sure the typical sales metrics are important but the intuition that comes from watching closely and being present at the consignment, is something that is very important to us both. 

Chance is an avid outdoorsman, enjoys boating with his family and resides with them in Lexington Kentucky with his wife AbiGail, and two girls Hallie and Vivian.

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