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Co Cola Jan 22_edited.jpg
Co Cola Jan 22.jpg

Co Cola - $600,000 

Sales Consignment

Grovendale specializes in a boutique, quality over quantity consignment. We believe this strategy allows the horses to maximize their potential, buyers to properly evaluate them, and owners to enjoy the process with personalized attention.

Stallion Seasons & Matings

If you're trying to find a high demand season, wondering which fourth year sire to take a shot on, or trying to get a young mare off to a good start, we can help. Matings is the single biggest decision breeders make, at Grovendale we consider every facet, big and small, to make the soundest decision possible based on your objectives. 

G1W Nereid, sold in 2019 for $1.25m, yearlings sold for $825k, $450k, $375k, matings planned by Chance Timm

Hip 265 Streak of Luck, $620,000_edited.jpg

Streak of Luck, purchased while still in training by Grovendale and partners, sells for $620,000 in foal to Authentic. 


We invest ourselves, significantly in bloodstock, specializing in mares. We believe the best way to know the market is to be in it. If you're interested in partnering with us, give us a call 859 797 7101

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There is a lot of risk in the horse business, let us help you secure your investment. Chance is a licenced agent that can help you with mortality, pro foal and additional coverages. 

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